Attention Healers, Creatives, Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Teachers, Therapists, Personal Growth and Leaders ( and if you don’t have a label that’s OK too).

You Are Invited to The Matrix Manifesto Alignment, Private Mastermind

with Karen Curry Parker and Michelle Vandepas

Join us for a six month intensive, and fun interactive creative manifesting process.
Two retreats, online support and personal coaching.

Colorado Mountain Retreat

October 14 – 17 2018

During the time between the two retreats we will mastermind and

tweak and impliment your Manifesto with Coaching and Support from Karen and Michelle

New Mexico Hot Spring Retreat

April 3 – 6 2019

Imagine being part of a high impact mastermind that holds you to the highest alignment of who you are and supports and pushes you into the best expression of your Soul’s Calling. You’ll be coached online in daily forums, monthly training and in person retreats. The retreats are in beautiful, spiritually nurturing retreat settings guided by two long time entrepreneurs,  bestselling authors and Master Coaches who have written over 15 books, helped thousands of clients create their ‘sustainable lifestyle businesses’. They will teach you a customized business and lifestyle system that is tailored to your personality, your life purpose and your unique business and message…

But Why This Mastermind?

You have a burning desire…and when you first got inspired you were excited and looking forward to the creative process…but somehow life got in the way and you’re too tired, don’t have time, feel the pull of other people’s demands and expectations.

You KNOW that if you could just have a block of time, without distractions, brimming with inspiration and spiritual connection and support, you would manifest your burning desire that is begging for your full attention.

(And it would be pretty amazing if, while you do that, someone else does the cooking and you can go soak in TIMELESS WATERS, hike in the mountains, work with wine and chocolate, all while being coached by two Master Coaches who really “get” you…)


This is not your One-Size-Fits-All Mastermind business program and retreat…

Many programs teach you a template and a cookie cutter system for growing and managing your business. The truth is, we know you’re not like anyone else in the world, and while there are some great blueprints and techniques out there, none of them will work for everyone.

Including Brand new never released content.

 Discover Your Unique Life Purpose

Connect with your Mission


Know who you are, your voice, your unique purpose and how to create your business that reflects who you really are.

Banish writer’s block

Align 9 key areas in life


Understand your unique energetic blueprint and how you are hard wired to live the best life for you.

Know exactly what to write

Your Matrix Manifesto


Know the best way for you to deliver and sell your message including special language styles and trigger words that are unique to you.

Meet Your Coaches

We are the GracePoint™ Matrix Coaches and Publishing Author Coach Team, Karen Curry Parker and Michelle Vandepas.

Whether you’re wanting to change the way you do business and increase your influence, have a burning message you long to get out into the world or need a way to teach what you know so that others will get to know your work better, it’s time for you now.

We want to help you build your business, write your book, manifest your deepest soul desires in a way that is joyful, easy and honors who you are and what you want to share with the world. We also want to help you get out into the world in a way that is profitable and impactful.

Between the two of us over the last 30 years, we’ve owned three publishing companies, written four best-selling books and helped thousands of clients in private, group and retreat settings.

What’s it like to work with Karen & Michelle?

Is this Mastermind for you? This program is for you if…

  • You love going deep in a facilitated environment
  • Brainstorming and Masterminding is one of your favorites ways to grow
  • You are not content to sit back and see what happens
  • You realize that doing it alone isn’t the fastest or easiest way to success

1. You don’t know where to start

Many creative types are full of ideas and inspiration, or they know there is a million dollar/earth saving idea somewhere inside of them but they feel confused about what it’s going to be about or how to organize it in a way that makes sense. During our  retreats, we’ll work with you to help you skillfully organize your thoughts, ideas, inspiration, material and content into your personal manifesto so that you’ll know exactly how and what to do next,  helping you overcome the confusion and overwhelm. We’ve also discovered that sometimes we don’t move forward because the process  stirs up old wounds, past traumas and deeper issues that sometimes need to be tackled before you can move forward with ease. Let’s face it, putting yourself out there can sometimes be a vulnerable process and you have to be resilient and courageous to expose your heart and soul to the world… When you know where to start and nothing is keeping you from believing that your voice is valuable and powerful, you easily put your fingers to the keyboard… and you get your stuff done.

2. You haven’t valued your message and contribution enough to create the time and space to actually make yourself heard.

Most of our clients are service-based professionals who have committed their lives to helping others. It’s easy when your life path is to nurture others to forget to nurture and value yourself. It’s common for our clients to assume the process is going to take vital time away from family, other obligations and commitments. What we’ve seen over and over again is that when you create the space to get your process rolling, the intent and commitment you make to initiate HELPS you integrate your next steps into your lifestyle so that it becomes easy for you to integrate your business into your regular life once your return home… and get your business moving in new and powerful ways.

3.You’re afraid that once you get your Personal Manifesto (or goals written or vision board) done, it will have been a wasted effort and expense because you don’t know how to get it moving.

So you don’t do it. We’ve found through working with thousands of clients that there is a science plus timing plus inspiration to it all. We’ll give you the initial steps to prepare you to launch your message so that you can be prepared for what’s next. You can then relax with the confidence that we’ll help you take the guess work out of what’s next for you, so you can simply focus on your life, and the timing of it all.

Just imagine what might be created if…


You had constant support from Master Coaches who knew exactly what you are working on and how to help you craft and sculpt your message if you get stuck.


You were entrenched in an inspiring space, away from your everyday life where you could just focus on your book.


You were surrounded by other inspired writers who supported you, masterminded with you and encouraged you on your journey.


You allowed yourself the time, space and renewal necessary to recapture your burning desire and the joy of writing your book.

Let’s talk seriously…

Michelle and I are both at a stage on our life path to know that sometimes there is no putting off taking action. And your inaction has a cost. If you’re serious about an up-level to your business, increase your impact and get more clients, not moving forward may actually be costing you money.

There are other costs to your inaction that may not be so measurable.

Imagine how you will feel if you never get your Purpose out…if you keep putting it off and putting it off until there is not time left to put it off and it dies with you. Think about the frustration, the discouragement and the soft fading of your spirit that will take their toll on your own sense of worth if you don’t follow this dream.

Isn’t it time you made an investment in yourself and a commitment to your message, your purpose and your life to take the time and get your mission done? Isn’t it time you stop talking about it and actually move to do it?

We want to help you. Lean on us. Let us guide you and make this the year you finally get it all aligned!

If this is for you, we’ll see you soon!


What’s Included:

  • Colorado Springs Retreat – 3 nights lodging (shared room)
  • Ojo Retreat  3 nights lodging (shared room)
  • Nurturing delicious vegetarian meals (diet accommodations available)
  • Manifesto Workbook
  • Sessions, workshops and masterminding during the retreat
  • Private online Mastermind discussion and forum for six months
  • The Matrix Community (One Year Membership! Value 828.00 )
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS:  First 5 signups receive a PRIVATE session with Karen AND a PRIVATE session with Michelle (45 minutes each) Value 1K!


*Bodywork and additional healing sessions available on site, but not included.

Easy Payment Plan

6 equal payments of 837.00

First payment due now

5 monthly auto payments


Early Bird Bonus Left:


First five signups get PRIVATE session time with Michelle AND Karen


Private Room Bonus


First two signups get PRIVATE ROOMS

Next 2 signups get yummy beautiful shared room of choice


Yes! I’m ready to retreat and mastermind with you. Charge my first payment now. (Five additional payments will be automatic the first of each month)
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Still not sure? Watch the video from one of our OJO Retreats.

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